Cusco is a charming city located high in the Andes. The base for exploring many famous sites such as Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley, Cusco is worth a visit in it’s own right.
The Cathedral at night

The entrance of the main Cathedral

Incan architecture. Notice how these stones are fit perfectly together without any mortar. These angles, lines, the polished surface…all original and done by by hand in 1000 ACE.
The Temple of the Sun. Again, notice the way the stones fit together. This temple was built to capture the direct line of light from the Equinox
The courtyard of the Temple of the Sun
Our lovely room at the El Retablo hotel. Thanks to Mountain Lodges of Peru for arranging this space and providing me with space on the Lares Adventure Trek which starts tomorrow! Machu Picchu here we come!
I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of Cusco.
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