The Amazon jungle basin is place where pictures and video really do speak louder than words. The videos are too big for the blog, so they are on my Dynamic Escapes Facebook page, visit and have a listen! The pics are here though.
Sunrise over the riverLook in the shadow and you’ll see that ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size) really do exist. This is a Capybara – the largest rodent in the world. She weighs in at around 110 pounds and is the size of a goat.
White Caiman
Huge trees
One of the larger Heron varieties
Zoom in on the turtle and you will see a butterfly on it’s head. The turtles and butterflies have a symbiotic relationship – the butterfly cleans the turtles eyes and gets salt in return
Canopy tower and walkway bridge
Getting pictures while on a swaying walkway hundreds of feet up is not easy
Land snail
These are Agouti – the size of large rabbits but with deer like hindquarters

Many thanks to Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica for gifting us this lovely cabana, complete with private plunge pool

I hope you have enjoyed this snapshot of Peru’s Amazon rain forest.
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